A giraffe, two dinosaurs, a wild bunch of grapes and the Pope walk into a vineyard…

This is no joke. Well, it’s a little funny and the vision of the lovely people you see here. On this morning of June 2nd we caution Prince Edward County residents to think twice before contacting the authorities to report odd goings on. The animals, aliens and wayward bottles of wine they see toddling along Closson Road are likely our more enthusiastic runners completing for generous gifts from Picton’s amazing Zest Kitchen Shop. Each year we encourage our runners to dress up and add a little colour and humour to our annual lope through the vines. At the finish Jenny and Kyle Otsuka will carefully consider each bold sartorial choice and award something special to the most imaginative. (anyone who remembers our most zoological year can likely conjure up the image, and a hearty laugh,  of those crazy elephants!) In addition, all runners will find a special offer in their run kits for a discount at the shop and a special gift to boot–anyone who loves cooking, or has someone in their lives who does, needs to visit and see the amazing collection of functional and beautiful products. Zest Kitchen Shop, 192 Main St W, Picton.

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