A Tale of Two Vehicles

For 10K our runners will be immersed in the bucolic backroads of Prince Edward County’s Hillier wine country. Slow rolling hills, vineyards and fresh plowed fields that stretch off in all directions. The run is intimate, only 125 runners so cordons and crowds will not be found but fear not as safety and comfort are paramount. To this end our runners are cradled between apples and hops. Our lead car is from the County Cider Company and it never fails to surprise us how quickly it arrives on Greer Road for the final stretch to Norman Hardie’s Winery. Following will be the gentle hum of the Parsons Brewing Company’s vintage VW van for anyone who needs a break, a bandaid or sip of water–unbrewed water;) We can’t express how much we appreciate all our partners and volunteers and strongly suggest you don’t leave without a collection of local products made with care and passion. Cheers. PS. Shhhh, but both of these vehicles will be freshly revealed so be prepared for great Instagram opps to make your city friends jealous.


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