Charity Partner & 2019 Run Date Announcement

After 8 years of support for a wide number of County community initiatives Andrew and I are proud to announce that all of the proceeds and awareness from our annual run will be directed to the ROC in support of the Prince Edward County Youth Centre after-school food and taxi program.

We have a deep relationship with Prince Edward County, our run started as a personal project that celebrates the landscape, people and products in a healthy and fun way. However, at its heart the event has always been a platform to give back to this community we love.

The Terroir Run has become an annual spring tradition and attracts hundreds of people from across the province to participate. The economic impact is significant, over $50K into the local economy each year, and the thanks really is to our partnership and especially our runners. Thanks for being part of our great community!

We’ve always donated the run proceeds to support County initiatives including County FM, the Quinte Humane Society, Slow Food PEC, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and Terry Fox to name a few. Although, they’re all extremely worthy we’ve always felt we can have more impact if we focus on a single cause especially one with a vision of giving ‘every young person in Prince Edward County an equal chance to excel in life’. To this end, we’ve identified and chosen the ROC& Prince Edward County Youth Centre or simply ‘The ROC’. We’ll be donatingall funds from our annual run, encouraging our runners, friends & family to make personal charitable donations, and will volunteer time to help develop food programming partnerships. Terroir Run has already donated $4000 this year from the proceeds from the 2018 Terroir Run.


Driven by a team of dedicated volunteers, the ROC began in 2000 with a belief in the potential of youth and a vision to help guide them through the major and recurring difficulties in their lives. A core element of the organization is the Prince Edward Coun

ty Youth Centre which provides a safe, supervised space for teens to flourish and grow. One challenge with their key after-school program is that many high-school students want

to participate but travel logistics make it extremely difficult. In the past the ROChas run a taxi program so kids outside the Picton area can use the centre without the anxiety of getting home but the consistency of this servi

ce was resource dependent.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Terroir Run will be donating funds to support a ‘Terroir Run Taxi’ and will also work closely with us to strengthen our after-school snack program”, says Lesley Lavender, Community Development Director & Special Projects. “The ROC provides a safe place for our young people to call their own, programming to develop life skills, an

d mentorship relationships that builds the confidence to succeed”, adds Darlene Thompson, Executive Director. “Knowing they’ll have a healthy snack and a ride home makes it easier for some of our kids to make the Youth Centre a regular part of their lives so we’re thankful for the Terroir Run partnership.”

Learn more about the ROC and how you can support it at, and coming soon live registration to get your ticket for the 9th Annual Terroir Run on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at

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