Baller Snacks from the Quirky Carrot

Ever complete an organized run, cross the finish-line and find yourself under a popup tent pawing through a box of commercial granola bars like a raccoon? You tear at the foil while jostled by others as you’re pushed forward towards the exit and a lonely reflection on your experience.

At the Terroir Run we don’t do the typical, so how about a quick power snack that you’d actually run another 10k just to taste? Ta da, our friends and founding supporters from The Quirky Carrot bring our runners a special treat each year. In each runner’s kit you’ll find a very unique bar handmade in their kitchen: the Quirky Cocoa Bite!

What is a Quirky Cocoa Bite anyway? Well, it’s the perfect pre-or-post run snack to satisfy hunger, energize and help with muscle recovery. They’re packed with raw cocoa nibs, almond butter, tahini, sesame/hemp/chia seeds, fresh dates, cocoa, cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla and a hint of espresso–whew, I’m hungry just typing this. Obviously vegan and gluten free, not to mention easily digested and delicious.

The good folks from the Quirky Carrot love to see everyone enjoying this special treat so be sure to take a bite and share on social and tag with #quirkycocoabite!


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