Don’t Walk, Run To Terroir Weekend In Prince Edward County

The countdown has started, t-minus two weeks until we literally hit the road running. We been receiving a lot of tweets and updates from our participants as they train for the big event with daily runs and a commitment to regular hydration of VQA wine! (please note water stations will be available along our route so wineskins or a tasting cup are not necessary, or recommended during the run). A lot of people have been asking whether they should come early and stay overnight to be ready for Sunday morning and if so what do we recommend. First, we wholeheartedly invite everyone to make a weekend of it in Prince Edward County as not only do we have some terrific accommodations but the 6th Annual Terroir Wine Event is on Saturday May 28th at our historic Chrystal Palace. The Terroir Event (no relation but committed to the same exploration of place through its soil, wine and local flavours) is a wonderful opportunity to discover the range of exciting new wineries popping up across the County and meet the winemakers who are helping make our region Canada’s Gastronomic Capital – you’ll even get a sneak-peek at some of the wineries you’ll be experiencing during next day’s run. Our friends at Closson Chase Winery have an informative posting to help get everyone in the right mood for anyone interested in making a County Weekend of it.

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