Fabulous Sponsors

Our run is made possible by the support of a number of Ontario businesses and organizations. A big thanks to all of them for supporting us and for supporting Ontario agriculture!



Props to VQA Wines of Ontario for the great wine bags and wine glasses each runner receives along with a guide to touring Ontario’s fantastic wine regions! Twitter @WineCountryOnt and Instagram @WineCountryOnt



Pumping out some seriously good dough, the fabulous folks at Humble Bread are the first bakery in the Province to join in the Rye Bread Project. Many thanks to Henry and Natalie for supplying your delicious bread to our runners! Instagram @humblebread and Twitter @humblebread





The awesome folks at Zest Kitchen Shop show their support with a $200 gift certificate for the best costume (they judge) and a $50 gift certificate for the runner-up. We encourage our runners to put some “zest” into our Terroir Run! Instagram @zestkitchenshop and Twitter @ZestKitchenShop



Kinsip House of Fine Spirits is a distillery in the heart of Prince Edward County. We aim to craft fine spirits by hand in small batches. Instagram @kinsipspirits and Twitter @DrinkKinsip




Parsons Brewing Company is founded on the story of an honest day’s work, and the pride that comes from starting something from nothing. A tale of barns, families, and glasses raised in a community that truly defines the word. Filled with memorable characters, and reflecting the many quirks of County life, every beer reveals a unique history. Crafted authentically, brewed sustainably and shared passionately. Instagram @parsonsbrewing and Twitter @parsonsbrewing


We proudly serve Pluck Teas post-run – not hot but on ice – so nice! Their teas incorporate great Canadian ingredients with direct trade leaves. Give them some Instagram love @PluckTeas