Will there be food options for my dietary restriction?

Yes, please indicate your dietary restrictions in the registration form. Meals for last-minute registrations (within 7 days) may not be able to be altered to fit all dietary needs, however, we will do our best!

Can I attend the post-ride lunch even if I did not register for the event?

Yes! Limited post-run lunch-only tickets are available (19 years and older).

Are there washrooms on the run route?

There are toilets at The Old Third Winery – use them before you start the run as there are no run-specific facilities on the route and many of the businesses along the route do not open until 11 AM.

What kind of terrain is the run route?

We are running on paved country roads. Runners are to stick with the flow of traffic and run on the side of the road.

Do I have to take the shuttle bus, or can I drive myself?

You are welcome to drive yourself, carpool, or get to the start of the run at Rosehall Run Vineyards in whatever way is best for you and your group. If you choose not to take the bus, please indicate so in the registration form.

Can I walk the route?

Indeed! This is a fun event, not a race. There is a follow car that can provide support for anyone who may need a lift to the finish line.

Do I have to stop when the road crosses the route?

YES! Please come to a complete stop, look both ways, and cross only when safe to do so!

How do I volunteer?

Please email rebecca@terroirrun.com Where should I stay in PEC? If you are looking for places to stay while in ‘The County’ we encourage you to Visit The County