Rebecca LeHeup

Rebecca is an influential culinary/food tourism pioneer. Her passion for developing “taste of place” is legendary, as is her boundless energy for sharing it. With a keen eye for the unique experiences that visitors seek and a powerful storytelling skill, she engages audiences from her home in Prince Edward County and across the province as the Executive Director of Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, and around the globe as a proud Canadian.

Rebecca is an avid runner who loves the great outdoors and spends summers in her historic chicken coop in Sandbanks Provincial Park. Follow Rebecca on Twitter @OntarioCulinary

Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and professional brand strategist. Working in the technology, advertising, media and hospitality industries he enjoys the cross-pollination of successful ideas. Although carrying on a stormy relationship with a writing career, Andrew has a deep conviction that storytelling is the foundation to brand development.

Andrew’s personal brand project, which he cofounded in 2005, is Buddha Dog, a platform for the promotion of community economic development through local food. Using the lowly hotdog as a Slow Food ambassador Buddha Dog builds a bridge between children, parents, farmers, and chefs.

Andrew is happiest when out-of-doors, especially with his Terroir Run co-founder and her amazing boys, at their Sandbanks compound.