I ♥ Terroir Run but How Do I get Started?

Some days we all need a little help getting our day started and May 29th Terroir Run Day is no exception – we’ll assume you’ve already gotten yourself over to our registration page and have your party signed up and shirts ordered. On the morning of the run we ask everyone to meet at the Norman Hardie Winery, our folks will be there to direct you to parking – please try to carpool if possible. We’d like everyone there bright-eyed and busy tailed for onsite registration between 8AM – 9AM. Once you’re squared away, our partners at Sandbanks Vacations will be running everyone over in their luxory coach to the starting line at The Old Third Vineyard. 10k of beautiful County scenery later including the 9 winery partners we’ll pass you’ll end up back at Norm’s for our Terroir lunch featuring local ingredients on Johannes’ Flammen Kuchen pizzas and fresh salads featuring Vicki’s spring greens. Hey, this is were your cars are parked – yup, all this took was some good logistical thinking and an excellent transport partner who knows Prince Edward County like none other. (they also arrange tours and accommodations with the same efficiency and commitment to delivering their customers an extraordinary experience). Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man!

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