Going with the flow!

As a last minute addition to our 2018 run we are thrilled to be serving Flow Alkaline Spring Water at the finish line supplied by our good friends at Neal Brothers Foods.

They’ve supplied us with some of Flow’s new flavoured waters – lemon, cucumber, strawberry and watermelon! Flow Alkaline Spring Water comes from a family owned artisan spring in Bruce County, Ontario and is B Corp Certified!

If you’re not familiar with Neal Brothers Foods – be sure to check out their awesome line of natural and organic products including snacks, salsas and sauces!






A Sky full of Stars: Meet the craftspeople

We’re very lucky to be part of a remarkable community of passionate makers. Whether it’s wine, beer, cider, spirits, tea, cheese, charcuterie or the brilliant local agricultural components that go into these and more authentic gastronomic delights, Prince Edward County has them in abundance–the bounty of the County is often celebrated. In an attempt to capture participation and share appreciation each year we’re committed to sharing small notes about members of this remarkable group. We can’t get everyone, every year, but know that we won’t stop trying. Enjoy and follow @terroirrun on Instagram for more partner snippets:


Bruno Francois, co-founder & winemaker, The Old Third Winery

Some people are content to sit and watch the world go by. Winemaker, tinkerer, imagineer, philosopher and cancer survivor Bruno Francois is not one. Ask him about his last year to hear a story with a much welcomed happy ending. Speaking of which this is where you’ll find him as after 7 years of starting our run he and his partner Jens Korberg will host our finish-line — more so Bruno will join us and run it! To celebrate we’ll be sure to raise a glass of the @theoldthird 2015 Cider Cuvée, as like Bruno, it’s dry, fresh, and promises a lovely mineral finish;)



Mackenzie Brisbois, winemaker, Trail Estates Winery

On a cold, grey spring afternoon @trailestatewine winemaker @mackbrisbois reluctantly agreed to a photo. Like many talented craftspeople she’d prefer to let the product of their labour and passion speak for itself. Their marketers however shared that the 2016 Vintner’s Weis is “a great finish-line wine. The combination of Riesling and Chard Musqué are utterly refreshing and the off-dry nature is perfect for post-run recovery. (more carbs!)” I believe our runners will find the truth somewhere between this smile and the magic in their glass on June 2nd.



Emily & Kimball Lacey, winemakers, Lacey Estates Winery

You can’t help but notice the pride on the face of @laceyestateswinery winemaker Kimball. His daughter Emily is following in the family footsteps with a scholarship to @niagaracollege Viticulture program. #terroirrun runners can look forward to tasting their first unoaked chardonnay, the 2017 INOX Chard.





Derek Barnett, winemaker, Karlo Estates Winery

Thought to be a South American wine, #malbec is actually one of the original six Bordeaux varieties. This is the first to be grown and released in #princeedwardcounty. It wasplanted by @karloestateswinery founding winemaker and dear friend Richard Karlo and made into wine by the talented Derek Barnett. Only 90 cases. Our #terroirrun runners have another compelling reason to reach the finish-line.




More to come.

Wine not come to County Terroir?!?!

Our lucky runners are being treated to complimentary passes to attend the  2018 County Terroir, an annual celebration of spring wine releases from Prince Edward County Wineries! For those of you who weren’t able to register for our run (we SOLD OUT in February), you can still come and have some terroir fun! On Saturday, June 2nd from 11am to 4pm at the Crystal Palace you can wine, dine and dance your way through some of the counties finest 2018 releases from 18 County wineries.

New for 2018, on Sunday, June 3rd you can partake in VIP Cellar Tours for $20 per winery at Lacey Estates Winery, Sandbanks Winery, Huff Estates Winery, Broken Stone Winery, Three Dog Winery, Grange of Prince Edward Winery, Black Prince Winery, Karlo Estate Winery, Rosehall Run, Half Moon Bay Winery, Norman Hardie Winery, Keint-He Winery & Vineyards, Traynor Family Vineyard and Trail Estate Winery. Many thanks again to Prince Edward County Wineries for supporting the Terroir Run!

A giraffe, two dinosaurs, a wild bunch of grapes and the Pope walk into a vineyard…

This is no joke. Well, it’s a little funny and the vision of the lovely people you see here. On this morning of June 2nd we caution Prince Edward County residents to think twice before contacting the authorities to report odd goings on. The animals, aliens and wayward bottles of wine they see toddling along Closson Road are likely our more enthusiastic runners completing for generous gifts from Picton’s amazing Zest Kitchen Shop. Each year we encourage our runners to dress up and add a little colour and humour to our annual lope through the vines. At the finish Jenny and Kyle Otsuka will carefully consider each bold sartorial choice and award something special to the most imaginative. (anyone who remembers our most zoological year can likely conjure up the image, and a hearty laugh,  of those crazy elephants!) In addition, all runners will find a special offer in their run kits for a discount at the shop and a special gift to boot–anyone who loves cooking, or has someone in their lives who does, needs to visit and see the amazing collection of functional and beautiful products. Zest Kitchen Shop, 192 Main St W, Picton.

Why is this man smiling?

Jeremiah Soucie, Head Distiller, Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

We won’t tell you his story but encourage you to visit and hear it yourself as he’d be embarrassed and we’d never do it justice. Jeremiah Soucie and his family (wife Sarah, her brother Michael and his wife Maria) love Prince Edward County. And, like most of our favourite people they bring great passion, curiosity and a genuine sense of commitment to contribute to their adopted community. How? By taking over the County’s first distillery and rebuilding it sip, by sip–at the most recent Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition their Woodlands Whisper vodka, Junipers Wit Gin (Barrel Aged version), and Kinsip Maple Whisky all medaled which is a remarkable foundation to build on and what they’re building is as fascinating as it is ambitious. We don’t want to steal their thunder and to visit their beautiful property on old Gilead Road is to fully understand their vision. A few promises when you arrive: chickens, funky, alien-looking chickens move like fish across the yard; cocktails, d’uh, but made with the same care and creativity that goes into the base spirits themselves (imagine a local Dark & Stormy that a Bermudan would visit to experience); their store resplendent with new products and the stories about their development that you’ll share at your own gatherings; and finally a secret new food product that captures the best of the local agricultural community and puts it into your hand–we won’t say more but certainly this one is very, very close to our own hearts. When asked if they’d like to participate in the Terroir Run, without hesitation they said “yes”. So should you when asked to visit the good folks at Kinsip Spirits.