So How Far Is 10K? What Am I Getting Myself Into For The Love Of Local Food & Wine!

We’ve had a few people contact us to say they love our Terroir Run idea – explore a new landscape, then enjoy the food & drink from its soil – but are a little unsure about running 10K. Here is what I explain to them: Terroir Run is designed to be an experience that balances a unique gastronomic experience with some healthy activity – sweat for your supper as it were. Now, the sweat part is carefully paced: the run is largely flat through beautiful farmland; there are water stations and volunteers on the course; we’re allocating 2 hours from start at 10AM to lunch at noon (apparently the average person could speedwalk this distance in less time); this is not a race, the last person to lunch will be recognized as sincerely as the first; finally Terroir Run is designed to ensure that everyone has a great time experiencing Hillier Hospitality! (Btw, the Barley Days “beer mobile” will follow us in case anyone needs a break or a lift. *On a personal note I’ve banged up my ankle but will be taking it easy and expect to make everyone wait for Johannes’ pizza and Cynthia’s salad until I arrive, with a smile on my face and a May Bock in hand!) Please note the map indicating our route from the thunderous clap of The Old Third’s birdbanger (it needs to be effective to keep greedy birds from their legendary Pinot grapes!), to the warm embrace of Norman Hardie’s dreamy County Limestone Pizza Oven. Come on, the run is only as long as my little finger!

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