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Meet our wineries: Broken Stone Winery

imgres-4Guest blog by Hannah Stein

Broken Stone Winery is the dream of an urban family who wanted to live on a vineyard in Prince Edward County. In 2009, the Kuepfer Family purchased 34 acres of hayfields and forest, with no building and only an acre of year-old Pinot Noir vines. For the first few years, they camped on the land, hiding farm equipment in the forest and travelling from the city to farm the land on weekends. Over time, they were able to squeeze enough out of their family budget to build a road and a building, plant another 6 acres of vines, and buy a new tractor. Now, in their sixth vintage, the winery continues to grow a little more every year, as family gets closer to their dream.

We spoke to Tim Kuepfer, winemaker & co-owner of Broken Stone Winery, about all that his family winery has to offer…

What sets your winery apart from others?

Our winery is set far back from the road, amongst the vines. When people visit, we think it’s important for them to have a tasting experience as close to the vineyard as possible. Our tasting room opens onto the vineyard, and when you’re able to gaze upon the vines, while you contemplate the wine, the wine always tastes it’s absolute best.

Which of your wines is your personal favourite and why?

As they say, “they are all our children” — we aren’t supposed to have favourites and they are all good! Everyone has dramatically different taste buds and prefers different wines, so which wines we prefer is, in fact, irrelevant. The best way to choose a wine that fits you is to come to our tasting room and try them.

What should people most look forward to when visiting your winery during this year’s Terroir Run?

Delicious wine — that’s what it’s all about. We’ll also be offering charcuterie board tasting platters on our outdoor patio, so you can have a light lunch and experience how our wine pairs with various flavours.