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A little handcrafted love…

We are BIG supporters of local food and art. We appreciate the talented folks who grow our food, make our wine, beer and cider, and who creatively contribute to the PEC culture through their arts and crafts.

IMG_20140516_165325This year – we are pleased to support County artist Niall Eccles – author and artist behind “Character Of The Day”. Niall has designed our 2014 Terroir Run limited edition t-shirts. These two handsome devils are modelling the t-shirts which come in 5 bright colours!





IMG_1289We are also thrilled to support a new County venture – Green Peach! Co-founders Erin DeMille and Jennifer MacKenzie are creating beautiful everyday lifestyle collections inspired by PEC’s natural beauty. One lucky runner will be winning this gift prize handcrafted by the Green Peach duo.