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Cynthia Peters

From the Farm Cooking School brings our runners spring greens

From the Farm Cooking School Director Cynthia Peters  just can’t get enough of “Spring Greens”. From the first buds to the luscious lawns blanketing the rural countryside and villages of Prince Edward County, it’s a true awakening. And for our palette, we begin the passage of “tastes” of seasonal produce from our farm fields. Thanks to Vicki Emlaw of Vicki’s Veggies, green comes early. Cynthia had the opportunity to start enjoying  fresh salad greens in late April. With their hooped covers, Vicki’s Veggies were able to produce a wide variety of Asian greens, spinach and arugula. Today, Cynthia helped harvest some fresh asparagus at Honey Wagon Farms and some garlic greens. Herbs are popping up everywhere and her lovage plant is already over a foot tall! Continue Reading