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Food On Your Shirt

Get your “T” on!

terroirrunROUGHS_0002_women copyEvery year we endeavour to do something creative and quirky that will leave a lasting memory of our run. This year we’ve worked with creative artist Pierre Lamielle of Food On Your Shirt to design a limited edition “T” for our runners to sport on May 26th. We’re hoping everyone will love these fun t-shirts as much as we do and that they’ll become a coveted piece of clothing in your wardrobe!

We ain’t got no bananas!

With less than 3 weeks to go to our 3rd annual PEC Terroir Run (there is still time and space available to register HERE) we are excited to announce some delicious new additions to our event! With our run starting an hour earlier this year at 9am, we anticipate some of our runners will be zipping to the finish line within the hour and we want to ensure that everyone is hydrated and well nourished and no, there won’t be any bananas or crappy bagels to greet them there.

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