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Get ready. Get Set. Run! Eat! Drink!

Jen from Pluck Teas serves up lovely lavender iced tea

Jen from Pluck Teas serves up lovely lavender iced tea

We’re just over a week away from the 4th Annual Terroir Run! We have a few spaces left for runners and thought that if the opportunity to run amongst the beauty of PEC wasn’t enough to entice you to join us that we’d make your mouth water over what you will find at the finish line.

Upon completing the 11km’s you will be greeted with a glass of fresh ice cold PEC Lavender Ice Tea from Pluck Teas. The amazing volunteers from Slow Food The County (under the leadership of From the Farm Cooking School Chef – Cynthia Peters) is preparing Organic egg salad with fresh spring herbs and a Vegan white bean and lemon garlic herb spread both of which will be served on Humble Bread Wilson Rye. Can you say delicious?!?!

The main course for lunch is wood fired pizzas fresh from the oven at Norman Hardie Winery. There are veggie and meat lovers options. A beautiful side salad of Vicki’s Veggies arugula, Crosswind Farms feta, spring onions, toasted sunflower seeds and a honey poppy dressing will complete your meal, along with of course – PEC wines, cider and beer!


Will run for wine year 3!

We made it to the tractor at Rosehall Run Vineyards only .5km to the finish line!

We made it to the tractor at Rosehall Run Vineyards only .5km to the finish line!

Hello keen runners and dear friends,

It’s hard to believe it’s February 2013 already! We’ve had many folks reach out to us recently to ask “When’s your run this year?” and “When can we register”? We’ve got great news – it’s May 26th and registration is now live on Eztix! Continue Reading

From the Farm Cooking School brings our runners spring greens

From the Farm Cooking School Director Cynthia Peters  just can’t get enough of “Spring Greens”. From the first buds to the luscious lawns blanketing the rural countryside and villages of Prince Edward County, it’s a true awakening. And for our palette, we begin the passage of “tastes” of seasonal produce from our farm fields. Thanks to Vicki Emlaw of Vicki’s Veggies, green comes early. Cynthia had the opportunity to start enjoying  fresh salad greens in late April. With their hooped covers, Vicki’s Veggies were able to produce a wide variety of Asian greens, spinach and arugula. Today, Cynthia helped harvest some fresh asparagus at Honey Wagon Farms and some garlic greens. Herbs are popping up everywhere and her lovage plant is already over a foot tall! Continue Reading

Sip & Savour before you run!

From the Farm Cooking School

Our good friend Cynthia Peters – Chef/Owner of From the Farm Cooking School is partnering with wine guru Billy Munnelly (Billy’s Best Bottles) to present “Sip & Savour Prince Edward County” on Saturday, May 26th. We encourage those runners joining us May 27th to make the weekend of our run and enjoy a wine and culinary escape to “the County”.