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Meet the Wineries of Terroir Run – Karlo Estates

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Guest post by Hannah Stein

Karlo Estates is an artisanal winery, which integrates the best of old world and new world winemaking. Wild fermentations, minimal filtration, and reserved use of oak, help them to create clean, fruit driven and well balanced wines, with great complexity. With a wide range of offerings, their many interesting single varietals and eclectic blends showcase the winery’s signature style. A casual comfortable approach and a warm inviting atmosphere combine, to complete the experience of all guests.

We spoke to Sherry Karlo, vinter & owner of Karlo Estates, about all her winery has to offer…

What sets your winery apart from others?
Our winery’s family is a close-knit team, that works to provide our guests the ultimate County wine experience. Not only do we present the wines, telling our visitors how they were made and what to look for in the taste profile, but we also serve them with small food pairings, to best showcase our many food-friendly wines. With the legendary winemaker, Derek Barnett, on our team, our wines have become a favourite of visitors, locals, and critics alike. Karlo Estates is one of Trip Advisor’s top destinations; the first to be named twice on the Top Ten Cutting Edge Wines in the World list; and we’re also the world’s first vegan certified winery.

With one of the prettiest estates in the County, at Karlo Estates, guests can stroll through the vineyards with a glass of our signature Dry Stone Bridge down at our picnic area; book private group tastings in our loft gallery; and enjoy tasting plates on our covered patio. We offer County hospitality in an 1805 barn, welcoming guests to sample a large portfolio of unique premium wines, along with spectacular food pairings.

Which of your wines is your personal favourite and why?
My favourite wine changes, depending on the time of year, what I’m eating, and who I’m with. My current favourite, however, is our newest release, the Triumvirate. The name is a historical reference to the virtue of three leaders bringing strength and balance to rule in Rome. In our Triumvirate, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot, join forces in a balanced and charismatic wine. I love this wine because it’s simply spectacular. It’s full bodied, smooth, well-balanced, and has a rich mouth feel; everything I want in a big Bordeaux style red.

What should people most look forward to when visiting your winery during this year’s Terroir Run?
Karlo Estates is the perfect place to end your Terroir Run weekend. We offer wine by the glass, with tasting plates, on our covered back patio. With a state of the art sound system, guests can enjoy music with a nostalgic classic rock feel from some of our favourite childhood memories. Come relive your youth, while enjoying fine wine and relaxing in an authentic County setting — You’ve earned it!