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Tony Aspler

Rose with your run?

Karlo Estates’ water station at the corner of Greer and Benway Road marks the last leg of the run, just west of the winery proper, which is located at 561 Danforth Road.

Richard Karlo, Master Winemaker and wine judge, made his first commercial vintage in 2008 with a record 13 different varietals.  After opening the doors May 2010 and selling out of every vintage since, Karlo Estates now produces 3200 cases a year. Continue Reading

The tale of terroir at Closson Chase

Our runners will make their way past Closson Chase where they will be greeted with the first of three water stations. The Closson Chase property was purchased in 1997.  At that time the farm grew annual crops but had been a dairy farm for many years prior. The site’s unique qualities, as seen through the eyes of viticulturist Deborah Paskus led the owners to believe it would produce exceptional wines. Continue Reading