Ten Years of Memories, County Style

To celebrate our tenth anniversary we worked with the County’s Niall Eccles to create a special shirt design that captures a few of the memories we made along the road. From 2011 to now, giraffes to dinosaurs, craft wine, to beer, to cider, in rain and in sun, from roast pig to pasta, from The Old Third to Norman Hardie, and then Rosehall Run to the Old Third, and everywhere in between.

Each year the run marks the end of winter and an optimistic start to our short window of Canadian summer and glorious fall. The early morning dew coats our shoes as we wait for all the runners to gather and with a pop of a bird-banger or sparkling wine cork we experience ten kilometers (or so) of Prince Edward County’s beauty. With each winery, we rumble past, and with each fellow runner we encourage, we get closer to the finish line and a chance to share local food, drink, and stories. And when we part we leave behind another year of memories and well-needed funds for a deserving County charity. A special thanks to all our runners for returning year after year, and to our partners for their generous support and hospitality. And, thank you Niall for reminding us of all we’ve shared kilometer by kilometer and year by year. Cheers to great legs, and good bodies!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN so please sign up, invite a friend or family member, and note that this year will be a more intimate one after our COVID hiatus.

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