Terroir Run 2016, May 28th–Tickets Now Available

IMG_20150522_114607A lot of things we love end up going mainstream and in this transition often the heart of a thing, product/place/experience can be lost. This will be the 6th, I know can you believe it, annual Terroir Run in beautiful Prince Edward County and we’ve committed to keeping it classic. Over the years we’ve added a number of new wineries to the mix (not on purpose they simply jump up along the Hillier route), a brewery or two (checkout the new Route 33 Brewery dinner option) and friends and family of our original runners. We try to tighten up the logistics and make timing, temperature, swag more friendly but ultimately the run remains very casual and very intimate. This year is no different as Bec and I have held the number of runners so please arrange to get your tickets asap to avoid the inevitable rush in the last few weeks. As much as we’d love to accommodate all the people that express interest we won’t compromise the experience of everyone who returns year in, year out. In the following weeks we’ll add more information about the dinners (two this year, both unique culinary experiences involving food, drink and entertainment), we’ll profile new partners and update you on old favourites. We’ll also share the development of this year’s logo, fun shirts, contests (yes, costumes are encouraged and the good folks at Zest will bring something special), and anything else we think will make the 2016 Terroir Run the best experience yet. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or request but once we’re sold out, we’re sold out.

Note: I’ve used this great photo of our boys in their Laura Watt’s designed 2016 run shirt as a bit of a throwback to last year and reminder that once this last gasp of winter passes it’s time to get back outdoors and put a few KMs on your sneaks. If anyone wants to participate in a little spring warm-up program in Toronto’s Leslieville please let us know as Bec and I would love to organize. rebecca@terroirrun.com

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