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It’s that time again. As much as Bec and I think about getting our little run organized earlier each year we’re both surprised when Valentine’s rolls around and we think it would make a nice gift if people could only buy tickets! Inevitably the scramble to update all our social resources reminds us of this promise but like our spring return to Hillier and its magical soil this too is part of the Terroir experience. Well, as our runners patiently wait for fresh updates (which we promise will come fast, furious and fresh as we add new options for your County experience) we’d like to share this hot off the press, and very special article written by our good friend Valarie Howes. Hopefully it sparks memory of the warmth and conviviality of the run and the amazing community that has sprung up around it. Here’s to great legs, great bodies and this year’s reunion of both.

Note: thank you to Julia Graham for the perfect photo of Val’s article in Canadian Running Magazine.

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