The 2017 Prince Edward County Run is SOLD OUT

Word has gotten around that our little run is “one of the best events in Canada” and “the most fun you can have with running shoes on”. Kind words like these and a gratifying enthusiasm from returning runners has sold out the 2017 County run in record time.

A couple of quick notes about selling out the Terroir Run. First, we are never happy telling anyone that we don’t have room for them. As runners, County ambassadors and lovers of sharing a great experience with passionate people we wish anyone who wanted to participate could. At the same time we have set a high expectation of what a Terroir Run should be and are very careful to ensure the experience all participants, and our partners, have exceeds it. Each year we ask for your feedback and work very hard to make the run better and with so many perennial runners we believe we’re doing a decent job. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve and expanding responsibly is a priority.

So, what can you do if you’re too late for 2017 tickets? A few things:

  • Signup for the Terroir Run Newsletter where we will share updates and new options for participation–get Terroir Run news and announcements before anyone else!
  • email and ask to be put on the 2017 County run Waitlist. Inevitably the world will intercede and some runners with tickets will not be able to join it–we remind anyone in this position to contact us immediately. If possible we will offer the space to those on the Waitlist in a first-come, first-served basis.
  • buy a ticket for one of the two special local dinners, come out and enjoy the County in the last peace before the summer crush. Each dinner is carefully curated and offers an unusual opportunity to really understand what makes Prince Edward County so special–especially if you love food, wine and community, (see earlier posts about the Friday night dinner at the County Road Beer Company, and Saturday night’s new Back to the Start Barn Party) We call these options “all the fun, none of the run” and are always popular with runners’ friends & family,

Thanks for everyone for your continued support and know we’re excited to see you at one of the amazing local dinners or on the line waiting patiently for the starting crack of Bruno’s old bird-banger!

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