The 2018 PEC Terroir Run Shirt Design

Original Concept 2018 Terroir Run Design

Returning runners will know that we put a lot of care into creating a run shirt that is both functional, and fashionable. Functional from a ethical procurement, comfort and local perspective. Fashionable in that you’ll actually want to wear it again. We also aim for it to be meaningful as each design celebrates an element of local arts and cultures whether visual, literature, architecture, music or community inspired. This year we turned to our good friends Christian and Julie of Folksblogen fame–they’ve set out in their vintage VW Van to crisscross the world in search of inspiration and wonder. Recently they embedded themselves in the County arts community through a residency with Chrissy and Kyle’s Sparkbox Studio. We hoped that Julie & Christian could find an element from their sojourn that might fit with our design project and we think they nailed it. When we asked them to explain their choice here’s what they had to say:

“In the fall of 2016 we spent a month at Spark Box Studio in Picton working on a video installation and silk screen project called Shangri-La as part of our National Residency and Dawson Bursary Award. While in PEC we visited galleries, vineyards, farm markets, restaurants and parks. We attended the Manufactum opening at Blizzmax Gallery one stormy night and snapped a photo of this sign, ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Chardonnay,’ a quote from the Simpsons writ large in wooden letters nailed to the wall. This message seems to apply perfectly to the Terroir Run and most of all to the terroir of Prince Edward County.”

The cherry on top is that this year our shirts will be produced by the County’s own Prince Edward County T-shirt Company. If you’re not familiar with their iconic PEC Circle design you’ll undoubtedly see it over the June 2nd weekend, and hopefully drop by their Picton shop and take a few of their creative local designs home with you.

Here is a sneak-peek at this year’s shirt design and also our runners will find an interesting twist when they pickup their 2018 run kits.

Which design will be the final 2018 Terroir Run shirt?







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