The Terroir Run 2017 Shirt

Our returning runners, and there’s quite a few of you, have seen a lot of different looks over the past six years. We believe a few things when it comes to your shirts. First, they should be a quality product, both in terms of material, cut and production ethics. We’ll continue this tradition with a locally made, responsibly sources 50/50 tee that our runners tell us they love and, gasp, wear even after the race has been run. Second, and most importantly, we like the shirt design to celebrate an artistic element from the region, representing the cultural terroir. We’ve featured artists including the brilliant County illustrator Niall Eccels, snippets of poetry like last year’s Al Purdy piece, and this year we’re recognizing a visual icon with a special place in our hearts, the Hillier church roof. It represents the confluence of many of the reasons we host each year’s run–local craftsmanship, landscape, a commitment to going the extra kilometre (or 10) to make something timeless and of course, wine. The church, relocated to the Closson Chase vineyard in 2007, replaced the roof with the delightful one designed by Helga Boelen as an homage to the ‘Hospices de Beaune’ in Burgundy–considered by some Prince Edward County’s spiritual sister-city. Anyone travelling along Closson Road has probably found themselves struck whenever they see the beautiful little church with the unique top, so too will you on May 27th. Special thanks to Plutogroup founder Laura Watts for her thoughtful interpretation and design. We can’t wait to get a photo with everyone wearing their run shirts at Norman Hardie’s finish-line lunch, or at The Old Third Saturday night for the Back to the Start Barn Party. (please remember that run kits can be picked up at the County Road Beer Company on Friday night, and if you’d like to stay for a bite & drink please get a ticket for the pre-run BBQ dinner by Chef Neil Dowson.)

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