We’re all winners!

We are thrilled for our event to be a finalist for the Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year presented by the Culinary Tourism Alliance. Congratulations to our fellow category finalists West Nipissing’s Premiere Food Festival – Feast on the Farm and The Whiskytown Festival in Windsor.

What began as a personal passion project for us has become a community event that we are fiercely proud of. In 2009, we hosted 50 runners and grew to over 175 in 2019 with an annual economic impact of over $80,000. We have seen a lot of changes in the past decade. Pre-COVID, we noticed our run community was looking for authentic connections and an experience that reflected our unique destination. With everything from our run snacks, to the shirt on thier backs and a delicious post-run lunch – we are supporting hyperlocal in all of its expressions.

We’ve got great plans in the works for 2021 and whether we take home a medal at the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario Gala Awards on October 28th or not, we already feel like a winner because of what we get to do with all of our partners and event participants in PEC – THANK YOU!

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