What’s going on at the Grange…

Maggie Belcastro & Andrew Mackenzie

Last year our runners were graced with not only a water station at the end of The Grange’s winery driveway but with the beautiful smile of one of Ontario’s burgeoning sommelier’s; Maggie Belcastro.

We asked Maggie what the family run winery was up to in 2012:

Maggie: “We’re looking forward to a great season this summer with lots of ways to experience what we offer. For those of you that want a taste of Prince Edward County from closer to home we are excited to offer four 100% estate (100% PEC) wines in the LCBO! For those of you heading to The County this summer check out our limited production wines that are only available at the winery; like our new sparkling Riesling; with a pop of sweetness and a refreshing fizz this is sure to be a summer favorite.”

Terroir Run: “What wine of yours will our runners enjoy during lunch?”

Maggie: “Runners will enjoy our ’09 Riesling – it’s a terrific cool climate white wine grape that produces nice wines from dry to sweet styles. It is known for producing wines that are floral, rich in minerality and have good acidity. It’s one grape that tends to always be used ‘pure’ around the world; meaning it is hardly ever blended with other varieties or aged in oak casks. Because of this, Rieslings tend to be some of the best “terroir-expressive” wines out there.”

Terroir Run: “Will you be hydrating our runners at the water station again this year Maggie?”

Maggie: “I will indeed! We’ll be encouraging your runners to return to The Grange. Come and stay for a tour, tasting and picnic lunch featuring the bounty of Prince Edward County. Learn about the region, our history and our farm. Get a picnic basket filled with a selection of fun, homemade picnic food, a bottle (or a glass) of wine, and find a quiet spot on the vineyard for lunch!”

Welcome to The County state of mind!

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