Why is this man smiling?

Jeremiah Soucie, Head Distiller, Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

We won’t tell you his story but encourage you to visit and hear it yourself as he’d be embarrassed and we’d never do it justice. Jeremiah Soucie and his family (wife Sarah, her brother Michael and his wife Maria) love Prince Edward County. And, like most of our favourite people they bring great passion, curiosity and a genuine sense of commitment to contribute to their adopted community. How? By taking over the County’s first distillery and rebuilding it sip, by sip–at the most recent Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition their Woodlands Whisper vodka, Junipers Wit Gin (Barrel Aged version), and Kinsip Maple Whisky all medaled which is a remarkable foundation to build on and what they’re building is as fascinating as it is ambitious. We don’t want to steal their thunder and to visit their beautiful property on old Gilead Road is to fully understand their vision. A few promises when you arrive: chickens, funky, alien-looking chickens move like fish across the yard; cocktails, d’uh, but made with the same care and creativity that goes into the base spirits themselves (imagine a local Dark & Stormy that a Bermudan would visit to experience); their store resplendent with new products and the stories about their development that you’ll share at your own gatherings; and finally a secret new food product that captures the best of the local agricultural community and puts it into your hand–we won’t say more but certainly this one is very, very close to our own hearts. When asked if they’d like to participate in the Terroir Run, without hesitation they said “yes”. So should you when asked to visit the good folks at Kinsip Spirits.


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